Monday, March 17, 2008

Researcher Survey for Student Activists

This is not my research but I recently got it forwarded to me and I thought it had some sweet questions to think about (I highlighted them in red)...

Name -- Age -- Gender – Ethnicity/Race
Where do you attend school or where do you work (name/city of high school,
college, university, or workplace)?
What is the focal point of your involvement in activism or youth community
organizing? Are you involved with a specific organization and, if so, what is
the name (and is there a website)?
Have you ever received formal or semi-formal training for organizing and
activism (if so, what was the nature of it)? Were you mentored by others? In
other words, how did you learn to do what you’re doing? (Did you learn by
reading about it, by watching others do it, by simply
What sparked your interest and involvement? How did that come about?
What are some specific projects, and specific victories or accomplishments
you’ve been part of?
What are your major motivations for engaging in student activism or organizing
(e.g. spiritual, religious, philosophical, political, and so on)? Why do you
do what you do in terms of participation, involvement, leadership, etc. in
activism and organizing?
What have you learned through your involvement that you might not have
otherwise known or realized? In other words, what difference has your
participation made in your life (and in the lives of other people)?
How would you characterize your present-day socio-economic class membership,
and the socio-economic status of your family of origin? How do you think our
wider society (“the status quo”) perceives and regards members of your
socio-economic standing (or that of your family of origin), especially vis a
vis other socio-economic groups or classes?
How do you think the wider society views young people of today? As a young
person, do you personally feel that you and your input and your values are
respected by the wider society, and by the institutions of which you are a
What else might you want to communicate to a broader audience?
Do you give permission to be quoted by name? (If you wish, you can state your
wishes for me to use a pseudonym when quoting you.)
Thank you for your time!
Susanne Johnson, Ph.D.

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