Thursday, March 20, 2008

Call for liberation: Rioting in Tibet

News story about what has been happening in Tibet:

Beatings caught on tape:

Upon hearing about the escalating rioting in Tibet, I cried. Few that they were, they were the first tears I had shed in months, a year even.

I admire the way our spiritual leaders are taking stands for the people against oppressive states that dominate us. I admire monks engaging in real life struggles, rather than cloistering themselves away in their monasteries. However, hearing of the brutal repression they face time and again is paralyzing.

How can they beat, shoot, and torture these people who have dedicated their lives to such noble pursuits? How can I live in a world where military phalanxes can descend on a monastery, maiming monk and shooting refugees on camera and nothing happens to stop it?

I was trying to pinpoint in my own mind why the plight of Tibetans resonates so much with me. At first, the only thing I could think is that these people are just like my teachers. The more I meditate on it, they are my teachers.

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