Friday, March 14, 2008

Documentary Abstracts:

Here's a little update on the projects that have been floating around in my mind for a while...

Queering Gender: I would profile individuals that identify as genderqueer, portraying how the binary model of gender is limiting and how people struggle to create an identity outside of it.

Filmmaker Commentary: I’m nervous about asking people to talk about such as personal topic in front of a camera, but I’m enthusiastic that I know people who fit the description and the editing itself will be fairly easy.

Military: Reflexive documentary (a documentary exploring an issue through the personal life of the filmmaker) about the way military service has effected and continues to effect my family. The military has dramatically shaped the lives of people in my mother’s family often with tragic consequences (prison, paralysis, dependency etc.) and yet it is a legacy that gets renewed with each generation. Further more, I've recently made contact with my father’s side of the family who are from an occupied territory (Puerto Rico) only to find that a whole round of them have gone to and/or returned from Iraq . I want to explore how military service undermines the health of American families but also makes them dependent on it, creating generational
cycles that makes its influence seem inevitable.

Filmmaker Commentary: I'm not on terribly good terms with my family, so it is questionable whether or not they would be willing to talk on camera about it, however if they were, then I think it could be very provocative. And who knows, maybe we could come to understand one another better in the process.

Trans-activism: I want to talk create an intergenerational dialogue about activism in trans-gender communities through creating a film that attempts to portray both consistent themes and how activism in trans-communities have changed over time. I hope to tell the history of activism not through a linear narrative but rather through juxtaposing experiences of new activists with those of people who were active in the past.

Filmmaker Commentary: This will probably be hard because it will require me getting in touch with people living in vastly different places. Structure will also be problematic if I want it to be coherent.

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