Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Chicago youth center: A new chapter

I have begun interning at a queer youth center in Chicago that will go unnamed, and I am presuming that most of my posts will be looking at the issues the center and the youth who access the center are dealing with.

I am working with mostly African American gay men and trans women. They are largely homeless and experiencing all sorts of violence that comes with that. I've fallen in love with them already. It's so intense, but I'm in a great place personally, so I feel fortified to deal with it all.

Some of the center's attitudes towards youth are problematic. It is supposed to be dedicated to anti-oppression, but of course it fails this charge sometimes. While there are some radical elements in the center, it is overall pretty progressive in nature. You can look forward to me posting in length about those grievances as they come up.

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