Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Documentary: Radical Imagination

I just uploaded my first (short) documentary. It's an abstract exploration of what is means to be radical. Check it out.


James said...
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James said...

I enjoyed that.

One (perhaps minor) point though - the video seems to equate 'radical' with 'radical leftist' - while people 'in the know' and/or part of the radically left community know and use the term radical as an inclusive term - people outside the bubble don't always have those sentiments and perhaps they shouldn't. Radicals are people who believe in change from the roots up so to speak - and there are radicals on the far Right as well as the Left. Post-Left thinking may have influenced us to not use the term Leftist in conjunction with Radical anymore, I'm just not sure this isn't a mistake. I guess my point is you can be a 'radical' by definition by wanting sweeping change or revolution - but the motives and goals of that change vary depending on your positions. We shouldn't automatically think 'Anarchist' or 'Autonomous Marxist' or any other spectrum of positions on the Left just by the word 'radical' alone.